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With Blue Link®, you have options. You can connect to Blue Link in your vehicle, from your smartphone, and on With the simple push of a button you can receive all the benefits this innovative technology offers.
From anywhere on the road, you can connect to Blue Link right inside your vehicle. Essentially, your Hyundai doubles as a technological command center able to guide you through your busy life. You can access Blue Link through the dedicated buttons on the rearview mirror using voice commands, and select features through the optional embedded navigation screen.
Download the new Blue Link Mobile App and turn your smartphone into a thing of brilliance—allowing you to search for destinations on your phone and send them to your vehicle so you can get on the move as soon as you get into the driver seat. Once you have this application, you can also remotely lock and unlock the doors, activate your vehicle's horn or lights, and start the engine, all directly from your smartphone.

Scan the QR code with your camera-enabled smartphone to download the application or click on the icon for your phone platform*.
*Apple® and Android devices are currently fully supported.
From the convenience of your desktop computer, laptop or web-enabled tablet, you can set up and gain access to a variety of Blue Link features and set feature preferences. Included are the Monthly Vehicle Health Report, Maintenance Alert, Speed Alert, Geo-Fence, Destination Search powered by Google, and more.

Access the web application here: